No Scuba Diving Certification Needed

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Collecting Tropicals


Dive down catch your own Tropicals for your tank. We have been doing this commercially for over 30 years. We know all the best spots to collect. We will supply the gear and show you how to use it. We hold and medicate your catch. 

Underwater Diving (Tank-less)


Feel the freedom of tank-less scuba diving. If its something you have never done. We think this is best way to learn to dive, with no scuba diving certification required. See the Florida Keys from under the sea.



Not every captain in the Florida keys knows where the most beautiful and best scuba dive spots are. We are divers and KNOW where the most scenic spots are because we have been diving them for 30 years.

Sand Bar Excursion


4 hours of good music and fun, at are sand bars in the Florida Keys. We bring out are little and cook up some lunch. (Food is not proved, you have to bring what you want us to grill)

Lobster Diving


Lobster diving is hit or miss. Usually short dives then move on to try and find another spot. For this you will need your own  license and lobster stamp, It only about $30 in Key Largo, Florida. (Any questions fill free to ask)

Guided Kayak Tours


Kayak a beautiful mangrove trail with mangrove tunnels, jump out snorkel and swim in the crystal clear water. Hang out on several small sand bars throughout the trail, for 2 hours of fun.