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Tank-less hookah diving in the Beautiful Florida Keys, 

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About our business

No Scuba Diving Certification Needed

No need to be scuba diving certified for this type diving, Anyone can do it. Normally when diving you would need heavy tanks and heavy gear. With our diving you don't need any of that which allows you to maneuver in the water much easier and allows you to stay down longer and not worry about using up the air. So you can truly enjoy, the water.

Hookah Rig (Tankless Scuba Diving)

We use a hookah rig system which is a compressor on our boat. It pumps air through a filter down to 4 lines that are 150 feet long. We believe this type of diving is very safe because you are attached to the boat. Up to 4 people can go under at a time.

Easy and Safe

A fun and easy way to experience diving for the first time. In our experience kids can do this type of diving without difficultly. Each one of the hoses is attached to the boat and strong enough to pull yourself back to the boat. We at FL Keys Unique Diving feel this is a safe way to dive. If unable to swim you must wear a life vest at all times (On the boat and in the water).

Shallow Water Diving

 We do not offer deep diving, the deepest we offer is about 30' You will never have to worry about decompressing or any other issues that may occur from passing an atmosphere change. Plus, there is more light in shallow water which means better color, prettier fish and more beautiful reef scenery, that Florida Keys has to offer.

What to bring, to go Diving

Snacks and drinks, Towel, sunscreen, and a camera. Although we do recommend having your own mask and fins. We do provide them if needed but other than that all you need to do is bring yourself and have fun diving the clear waters.

Sea Sickness

We do not go out in seas over 5'. But even in calmer seas you can get sick. Its best to take something the night before and again in the morning. We will always do our best to make our guests feel as good as possible, but If we have to come in due to someone getting sick. That will be the end of our day. Sorry no money back once we have already gotten on our way.

About Us

Formally Toms Caribbean Tropicals Inc.

 With Over 30 years of tankless scuba diving charters and knowing the best spots for diving in florida. We are sure you will not only have a great time you will be telling your friends about us for years to come!

An experience you will always remember

One of those things everyone should experience. This is your chance to dive without having to go to school to get certified. 

Personal attention

We do not take out large groups. So we can give you the personal attention needed to learn if you are new to this.

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FL Keys Unique Diving

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